One of the reasons Citi-Tech was started was to use technology to help businesses achieve their goals. We can install a communications system that helps you move data at the speed of light, and we can put together an audio/visual system that allows you to get your information out to your customers quickly and efficiently. But one of the areas where we find the most pride is in our security systems and offerings. We have years of experience in protecting the things that are most valuable to you and your company.

  • Access Control

    We use the latest biometric and security card technology to make sure that access within your facility is limited only to the people who need to be there. We can help you to control access to your entire facility, and we can also help you to maintain access to all of the separate rooms and general areas within your building as well.

  • Video Surveillance

    When you can see what is happening throughout your facility, then you are able to keep your employees safe and your assets secure. We can develop comprehensive interior and exterior surveillance systems that use the latest and most reliable equipment on the market. Since we are not tied to any one manufacturer, we can put together a great system to meet your video surveillance needs.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Perimeter surveillance equipment can help to detect any unwanted intrusion, but you also want to allow the regular flow of traffic you need to keep your business moving. Our intrusion detection systems are the most advanced on the market and we can help you to detect when there is an unwanted person in your facility, and we will help you to differentiate unwanted people from your own personnel.

  • Intercom & Emergency Communication

    Few elements of a large-scale security system are more critical than emergency communications. It is one thing to be able to detect or see a problem coming, but it is a very different thing to be able to mobilize your security team to address the problem head-on. We analyze your facility and create an intercom system that meets your needs. Then we create a comprehensive emergency communications network that keeps you in touch with your security personnel and other employees.

  • Command & Control Consoles

    When we plan a security system, we know how important it is to centralize everything to give you the control and access you need. We design and develop command and control consoles that meet your needs and give you complete control over every situation.

    The engineers at Citi-Tech Telecommunications take your company’s security very seriously. Call us today and let us show you how we can develop a system that fits your budget and, more importantly, gives you the peace of mind you need.